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Winter Lingerie

It’s that time of year, again, where we forget about the long sultry days by the beach and there being any chance of soaking up the rich rays of the sun. The pretty balconies by the riverside and the hazy embankments that were, not too long ago, so welcoming are now a distant memory.

Here in the UK it is, anyway.

So, what’s hot for the indoors? More importantly, what’s great for the ladies in the boudoir, for the forthcoming long drawn out winter nights?

scarf with lingerie

What do you think to the over-sized scarf? We think it works..

lingerie and cardigan

The above pieces look beautiful and we’re sure they’ll heat up any bedroom, in no time.

Reds and blacks are always a favourite on a wintery eve. The open fire, gently purring as a decanter decants a warming spirit. Healthy, comfort food marries up well with such an angelic drink. And, what better way to savour this cosy evenings in a beautiful and comforting negligee.

lingerie negligee

It may be winter but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the sexy look. Showing of a lot of skin isn’t always necessary to bring out the sexy look, though a little cleavage is always good.

If you’re a female that likes to carry off the hipster look for the bedroom then why not indulge yourself in sporty briefs with a nice negligee to complete the look.

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